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In the tradition of Ali Wong and Amy Schumer comes this whip-smart, spit-out-your-coffee funny guide for new parents--from popular blogger and columnist Jenny True.
Typically, "new parent" guides address the biggest challenges from pregnancy to the first few years of parenthood: breastfeeding, bonding, sleep, and getting back in shape. But nowhere is a guide that tells you, What do I say when some jerk asks if I'm pregnant and I had the baby last year?
That's where Romper advice columnist and award-winning writer Jenny Pritchett (aka Jenny True) comes in: You Look Tired is a smart, inclusive, tell-it-like-it-is guide for new moms who don't want any more advice. Writing as Jenny True on her "Excruciatingly Personal Mommy Blog," she has provided what her readers crave: the relief and laughter that come with validation and, most importantly, connection. Her columns are a mix of humor, rage, disbelief, and encouragement (with a smidgeon of practical advice), and her thousands of fans have called her, "funny," "miserable," and a "postpartum feelings doula." Here she covers such burning topics as:Birth Hurts: Prenatal yoga is a waste of time.Parental Leave: Fantasy vs. realityJabbat the Hutt Was Just Postpartum: It explains so much.You Want to Have Sex with This?: Partners need to chill.Who Am I Anymore?: Having kids puts your identity in the juicer.An Open Letter to People Who Say, "Looks like you have your hands full!"And much more!

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