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What are the seven tenets? They are the essential fluid and air in which we swim, walk, and run in our daily lives. The seven tenets explain why your life is the way it is. The seven tenets reveal the divine presence that surrounds us is a force for love, with which you can surmount any obstacle and withstand any ill wind.

Not only survive, but prosper.

For that is why we are here on earth. To learn, to improve, and to gain experiences. The seven tenets explain how we are guided daily by spirits to fulfill our destiny.

They are present so we may place in the bottom of our hearts that love, understanding, caring, and serving are the tools we should use to solve every situation. Tenets that convey that benevolent spirits at key moments present us with the tools and inner strength we so desire.

Learning the lessons provided by the seven sounds easy, but in practice it’s difficult. Everyday life swirls constantly around us, as if we live in an eye of a hurricane, and every misstep buffets our emotions. Life is a constant hardship for many.

We need to rise above the terrain and visualize the road ahead. From the ground it looks rough and rocky, but from on high the path appears smooth and the destination closer.

The supreme intelligence has a set of rules for the road, a set of divine laws that are promulgated to give us certainty. We can be sure that our best interests are always in mind. We acknowledge that often the answers to our prayers may take a form that is at first a complete mystery. Eventually we shall learn the absolute logic behind every occurrence.

By realizing who we are, where we are going, the principals that guide us, and the meaning of life on this planet, we can step out and see ourselves in a new light. A calm, encompassing, gentle brightness that surrounds our soul and lets us know that all will be right in the end.

There is a wealth of information about spiritism in the five books by the Codifier of Spiritism, Allan Kardec, and in the more than 400 books by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, all dictated to him by various spirits. At the bottom of all of the accumulated writing, it is these seven tenets that present to us the context and foundation of our lives.

I’ve kept you waiting long enough. I am not telling you anything that most of you don’t already know. I am only filling in the blanks, or more precisely, triggering memories of divine laws that have been written deep in your conscience.

We are Immortal Souls
God and Jesus Love Us
We Have Multiple Lives
During Our Lives We Pay for Past Debts and Accumulate New Experiences
We Live and Learn in Close Family Groups
Our Destiny Is Mostly Predetermined
We Are Assisted in Our Lives By Unseen Spirit Forces

7 Tenets of Spiritism: How They Impact Your Daily Life


Religion & Spirituality
Brian Foster
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July 17
Brian Foster