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Have you ever dreamed of building your own online business? Have you ever wondered about different types of online business opportunities and what's involved? No, this is not MLM, filling out surveys, or anything like that!

If you want to make a chocolate cake, you need to have the right ingredients! We all start somewhere as freelancers, soloprenuers, and startup business owners. The problem is most of us don't actually know where to find the best advice and tools to make it happen. This can lead to months or years of grueling research in hopes of finding "the good stuff" we can actually use to get started. The process of building a successful online business becomes much easier if you have the right resources (ingredients).

Good news, this resource guide gives insight into some of the best interviews and success strategies of top online business owners like Andrew Lock, Amy Porterfield, Chris Ducker, Derek Halpern, John Lee Dumas, Ramit Sethi, and many more! The opportunities are wide open if you know where to find the best marketing secrets, training videos, business strategies, and software tools to start or grow an online business.

This book is written for the millions of people who are tired of the corporate grind. So many people are just stuck in their current job situation hoping things will get better someday. I saw a need for this resource guide in the marketplace and wanted to share it with everyone. This is a collection of my favorite business resources, "the good stuff", and I'm sure they will be beneficial to your success. I truly hope this book inspires you to follow your dreams. Here's a couple important questions for you.

Are you a nine-to-five cubicle escape artist looking for a way to get out of the corporate grind?

Are you looking for some of the absolute best resources available for online solopreneurs and startups?

Look no further, you have found the right book. Now let's get started!

Business & Personal Finance
Peter L. Herrick
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January 20
C.D. Tain