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Like many, Destiny is a young woman who struggles with her weight. Her love affair with food began at five years old when her father walked out of her life and her mother was left depressed, never fully getting over the fact that her husband was gone. When Destiny ate, she was able to numb all the pain that life had dealt her. Food became her drug, her lover, her friend. To make matters worse, she was involved in a terrible car accident as a teenager and lost the use of both her legs. Her lack of mobility only accelerated the weight gain.

Strangely, all of those nights lying in bed without the ability to move gave her clarity about how she wanted to help others. Determined to be mobile again, she not only walked, she soared. The accident that was meant to destroy her had given her focus and clarity about how she wanted to help others and why she was put on this green earth. Destiny was determined to become a physical therapist and help others just as she was being helped.

Her hopes of becoming a physical therapist seemed impossible, though. She couldn't figure out how her mother could ever afford to send her to college, especially on her lowly single parent income. Thankfully, Destiny's commitment to learning, hard work, and good grades landed her a full scholarship to Virginia Tech. Accepting this blessing came with a price. Going to Tech meant that she must leave her clinically depressed mother whom she had cared for daily behind in Chicago. She reasoned that accepting the opportunity would allow her to help her mother financially, medically, and emotionally in the future. So, she left Illinois for Virginia and never looked back.

Thankfully, studies in physical therapy went well and without a glitch. Everything was perfect at school except for her social life. During her entire time in college, she was not invited on a single date. Of course, she blamed her lack of romance on her plump figure.

J. Maria Merrills, Tiffany A. Draughn, Jeffery Wall, Troy Miller, Lydia Merrills, D. L. Merrills, Lewis Green
hr min
November 24
2M Entertainment, LLC