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You knew that if your wife found out about your affair she’d be upset, but nothing prepared you for how devastated she would be. She has so many questions about your affair. So. Many. Questions. You do your best to answer her, but then she asks the same questions again and again. She doesn't know what she wants, and her volatility exhausts and upsets you. You both are stuck.

My name is Dr. Caroline Madden. I've been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles for almost two decades. I have helped countless couples restore their marriages after infidelity. I've counseled women just like your wife go through the whole process--from uncovering their husband's affair to making it to the other side, heart healed and marriage restored. I’ve heard their innermost thoughts and concerns as they try to process their husband's betrayal. I know what prevents women from moving forward, and I know what they need in order to trust and forgive. Most importantly, I know the things men say and do that they think are helpful but that actually make things worse. 

This book is a practical action plan that will walk you through the stages after your wife has discovered your infidelity. Learn the tools to fix your marriage. Avoid the (sometimes fatal) mistakes I've seen so many men make. 

After A Good Man Cheats gives you:
Practical advice so you know exactly what to do at this important stageActual scripts so you know what to say in response to very specific situationsClear explanations as to why certain words and actions you think will be helpful might be making this worseTwo self-administered quizzes to help you determine why you cheated so that you can get a better understanding of what triggered your affair. (Download at: http://carolinemadden.com/quiz/)

Cathi Colas
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February 9
Train of Thought Press

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