Anxiety: A book for children Anxiety: A book for children

Anxiety: A book for children

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Publisher Description

Do you ever worry that your children may struggle from anxiety, but you are unsure of how to approach such a delicate subject with them?

Good news. Anxiety will offer you all of the tips and tools that you need to tackle this pesky issue head on, and make sure that your child lives a happy, carefree childhood, as all children are meant to!

Modern life is stressful enough as an adult, let alone as a child, which is why child anxiety is an issue that is on the rise around the world.Despite this, many of us are not well-equipped to deal with these issues, and there are little books or articles available for people to learn about child anxiety .

Until now!

This book is the perfect guide for you and your child to tackle anxiety head on together, as a team. You won’t find yourself lecturing your child, as they drift off and stop listening to you.

Instead, each chapter is packed with fun and useful content that you can work through together and further help each other better understand this issue.

Inside Anxiety, discover:

●     Simple techniques and tricks that you and your child can use to tackle anxiety when it arises

●     My “Magic Five” technique that will help you and your child overcome anxiety

●     Simple and digestible content that is easy to read, understand, and implement

●     Reminders that it is perfectly okay to worry about things, and that it is a perfectly normal response

And much, much more!

Take action now and grab a copy of Anxiety: A book for children today and help your child take back their childhood joy and fun!

Abigail Reno
hr min
July 19
Leah Whitman