Basic Ukrainian: An Introductory Language Course Basic Ukrainian: An Introductory Language Course

Basic Ukrainian: An Introductory Language Course

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Learn one of Eastern Europe's major languages through this beginner's course in Ukrainian, designed to teach you the fundamentals of a language spoken by over 40 million people. This introductory course is for complete beginners aiming to initially achieve CEFR level A1 (beginner level). Subsequent content in the second half of the course then covers more intermediate vocabulary. The initial focus is on essential vocabulary, everyday phrases, and the basics of pronunciation and comprehension. The course assumes no prior knowledge of Ukrainian, starting with basic greetings before progressing to more advanced topics and sentence structures in later sessions.

Ukrainian, a key representative of the East Slavic group, has an important heritage. It has evolved through centuries, influenced by neighboring cultures and political landscapes, yet maintaining its unique character.

In this course, you will learn the basics of Ukrainian through spoken vocabulary. Our approach prioritizes practicality—preparing you to communicate effectively in real-world scenarios using language you can easily put to use. A broad range of topics are covered such as navigating travel situations to engaging in simple social interactions and ordering in restaurants. You will learn the language as it is spoken on the streets of Kyiv, Lviv, and beyond.

Pronunciation is a focal point of our curriculum through native speaker audio, you will master the sounds that make this language unique, enhancing both your comprehension and speaking abilities.

By the end of this seven session course, you will achieve an intermediate command of Ukrainian. Whether you're exploring heritage, or looking to expand your linguistic skills, this course offers a comprehensive foundation to build a robust foundation in the Ukrainian language.

This language course is an ideal way to start to learn the valuable Ukrainian language for a host of situations at your own pace.

Daria Marichka
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June 7
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