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Since the invention of the Internet, the amount of information that we are exposed to on a daily basis has grown exponentially. 

This constant barrage of information has led to a decrease in productivity, an increase in stress, and a decline in our mental


With a few simple techniques and willpower, you can overcome information overload to live a happier and healthier life. 

You can learn how to turn off the noise, declutter your environment, and filter out the irrelevant and unnecessary information that you're flooded with every day. 

This guide takes you through the characteristics of a gritty person, the habits that gritty people develop, and shows you what you need to do to build your grit to leave your old life and become a successful entrepreneur and turn your dreams into reality.

You will greatly benefit from the lessons presented in this audio book and learn everything you need to know about information overload and how to overcome it to clear your mind and move forward.

Here are just some of the many benefits that you will gain by reading this guide:
You’ll learn how to limit your decisions to beat information overload.You’ll learn how to organize your home to reduce clutter and reduce stress.You’ll learn the importance of organizing your social life and how doing so can help you feel less overwhelmed.You’ll learn how to organize your time by recognizing your limits, making time to recover, and how to time your tasks to take advantage of the natural ebbs and flows of your energy.You’ll discover how multitasking can be a detriment to productivity and mental health.You’ll be shown how to be more productive at work, by removing distractions and reducing communication overhead.And much more!
Topics covered:
3 Simple Steps to Sharpen Your Memory in an Age of Information Overload3 Tips for Managing Digital Information Overload4 Easy Ways to Reduce Information Overload4 Techniques for Beating Information Overload4 Time Management Tips to Tackle Information Overload4 Ways for Getting Organized to Reduce Information Overload4 Ways to Deal with Today's Steady Stream of Information5 Steps to Get Your Professional Life Organized5 Ways You Can Improve Your Time Management SkillsTop 5 Ways to Conquer Information Overload

Michael Donald
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March 12
Michael Donald