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Learn how to play the guitar

Do you want to be the next Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix? Have you always wanted to play the guitar, but you think that it’s too hard? Do you think it’s impossible for you to fulfill your dreams of becoming a great guitar player? Do you have a hard time strumming the strings or memorizing the chords? Have you ever watched a talented guitarist play on a stage and wish that you could be that good? 

This hypnosis program helps condition your mind so you can easily learn how to play the guitar. This audiobook helps you: 

Relax your mind, so you can easily learn the art of playing the guitar. 
Be patient. It takes time to master each chord. 
Achieve laser-like focus. 
Increase your determination. Learning how to play the guitar requires persistence, perseverance, and grit. 
Unleash your natural talent and gift. 
Play the guitar with confidence. 
Release all your doubts about your guitar-playing abilities. 
Increase your creativity so you can learn how to play in a creative and innovative way. 
Get lost in the beauty of music and sound. 
Get your groove on and move to the music inside of you. 
Realize that you are never too old to learn. 
Increase your confidence so you can play the guitar in front of an audience.
Release your hidden musical talent. 
Improve your rhythm and timing. 
Visualize yourself as a master guitarist. 
Easily memorize chords. 
Learn strumming techniques. 
Listen to your inner voice and create great music. 
Believe that you can be a great guitarist someday. 
Learn how to play the guitar with passion and love. 

This hypnosis program relaxes every part of your body, so you can be ready to learn and eventually master the beautiful art of playing the guitar. This audiobook also contains powerful affirmations that can increase your self-confidence, and empower you to pursue your dream of becoming a great guitarist. 

Listening to this program makes you more self-assured that you can learn how to play the guitar without any difficulty.

Robert Gazy
hr min
March 7
George Nathan Jr.