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Do you want your kids to go to sleep faster, but still enrich their minds culturally and intellectually? Are you looking for bedtime stories that are filled with wonder and magic? Are you looking for stories that your kids and you will both enjoy?

What about a set of stories that will help your children grow up with strong minds and creative spirits? 

This audiobook was designed to give you 17 bedtime stories that will inspire and deliver. They will rock your babies to sleep, while carrying you away to a world that you’ve forgotten since you were a child.

Mindfulness, kindness, generosity, acceptance, and love. These are traits we all want to have. Not just our children, but you, too! And these stories are centered around those exact concepts. While you sail off to the faraway land and find new adventures, you’ll also find inspiring messages. Every fantasy is set in a grain of truth, and these truths are what these fantastical stories are woven around.

In this audiobook, we have stories with:

Magic and mystery
Talking critters
Colorful lands with beautiful places
A place we haven’t seen since childhood
Fantastical journeys into this far away land
Messages and themes that will help you grow
Concepts to bring your entire family together
Adventures that will carry you off in a wave of rainbows and dragons
Lost and forgotten kingdoms rising again through the perspectives of those who lived there
Words that will rock anyone to sleep to a land of dreams and sweet treats, where anyone can be anything

Childhood is a magical time. A time where anything is possible, and the world surrounding us seems a little brighter. As we grow, the burdens of life try to weigh us down. But it doesn’t need to be that way! When you have a child, you get the chance to visit that magical haven again. The golden gates open, and the spirit bridge appears. And you get to walk back into the castle you have long forgotten. 

Dust off your imagination with these stories, and polish the windows of your mind with these tales. And never let yourself forget how bright the world can be again. Children are such a gift for so many reasons, and this is just one of them.

And now, you can bond with your children through these magical stories that will have your kids begging for another. The next night. For tonight, they’ll be sleeping peacefully in the place only they can know. So, go ahead and claim this magical audiobook. Let the adventure begin! Your child will be happy to sleep.

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Kids & Young Adults
Eric LaCord
hr min
April 14
Daniele Viscio