Birth of the Half Elves: World of Ryyah: Elven Age Saga, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

A spellbinding fantasy adventure saga

Birth of the Half-Elves by H. L. Watson is the beautifully crafted first book in World of Ryyah: The Elven Age Saga. In the gripping first installment, Donovan, a boy of only 12 years, and his best friend, Akenji, are torn from their lives in a small fishing village by a band of barbarians.

Listeners are launched into a world of rune crystals, dawn ages, schools of magic, and five elven factions as Watson creates a mystical world like no other to transport his listeners to. Alayna, an elven commander of the House of Dorandal, orders the others not to harm the "innocents", assuming responsibility for their welfare.

While they await orders, Alayna becomes fond of the children, particularly Donovan; when the orders do come, the Rangers find them "far from satisfying", forced to embark on a journey with them. The boys, who had been taught to fear the Wood Elves, come to understand them under Alayna's nurture and care. As he grows older, Donovan becomes romantically attached to the Elven Princess Brandela, for whom he must risk his life.

The Elven Age Saga began as a videogame concept, evolving over time into the elaborate world of fantasy filled with compelling characters that it is today. Watson establishes himself as a master of the fantasy genre, standing above others of his genre and giving readers a great deal to hope for from this promising new author, who interweaves romance, valor, loyalty, and courage into the fantasy adventure surface plot.

This truly spell-binding story will keep listeners at the edge of their seats as the plot unfolds on the page. Listeners are inevitably left anxious for the next installment in the six-part epic, which promises to be another heart-racing tale, with a civil war looming on the horizon for the elves.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Howard Ellison
hr min
October 3
Watson Lee Publishing

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