Bottleneck Breakthrough: How to Find & Fix Your #1 Business Challenge to Unlock Sustainable Growth, Fast (Unabridged‪)‬

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Own a business? Get the real-world, proven method for growing your revenues and eliminating your headaches that other business owners rave about!

Every day, a new silver bullet comes out, promising to grow your business, increase your profit margins, and make your life as a business owner easier. Unfortunately, most of them don't work, wasting your time and money. Plus, they take your attention away from other more worthwhile opportunities. The ones that do work for others just never seem to work for you. Blanket prescriptions are like that - never quite hitting the mark for all but the few with the exact symptoms.

Instead of a blanket prescription that will generally help every business at every stage of growth, the more effective approach is to find a specific solution that hits the bull's eye for your unique situation. This creates the greatest improvement possible with the least amount of effort and risk. That's the bottleneck breakthrough method.

You can apply it to the predictable growth plateaus in every business and at every stage of revenue, whether you're at $100K or $100M. Best of all, it builds on what you already do well, so you don't have to overhaul your entire business to get results. The goal of this audiobook is to become a reliable and powerful tool for you to grow your business, as it already has for many others.

Why listen to it?

As a busy business owner, you don't have the time to read through dozens of great business books to get the nuggets that matter to you right now to implement. Bottleneck Breakthrough distills some of the most practical strategies and ideas that have made it into daily use in the author's consulting practice.

These include world renowned books like Blue Ocean Strategy, E-Myth, The Ultimate Sales Machine, Permission Marketing, The Ultimate Marketing Plan, The 4-Hour Workweek, and 80/20 Sales & Marketing.

Consider it your curated, result-focused shortcut to finding and fixing the number one thing holding your business back from more growth and profit.

Business & Personal Finance
Joshua Long
hr min
December 10
Bottleneck Breakthrough Group