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From best-selling and multi-award-winning romantic suspense author Amanda McKinney comes the third book in the steamy, edge-of-your-seat, three-part series, Steele Shadows Security....

Hidden deep in the remote mountains of Berry Springs is a private security firm where some go to escape, and others find exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Welcome to Cabin 1, Cabin 2, Cabin 3....

Businessman. CEO. Head of household. Three titles worst suited for Gunner Steele, the short tempered, reticent former Marine and rebel of the infamous Steele brothers. After an evening searching the mountains for his missing office manager, Gunner finds an undercover agent at his front door demanding protection — and that anyone but him be her bodyguard. Usually, Gunner didn’t give a damn if someone disliked him, but this particular curvy vixen had information about the man who killed his father and maimed his brother. Information he’d gladly sell his soul for...but is he willing to sell hers, too?

After failure to deliver the location of a Russian spy as slippery as a bowl of borscht, Lexi York is fresh out of a job and a near-death experience when she seeks refuge at Steele Shadows, despite her disdain for the tattooed bad boy, Gunner Steele. At her wit's end, Lexi devises a plan to use Gunner to get her job back, but what she hadn’t planned on was developing feelings for the tortured soul she could never tame.

Unwilling to make promises he can’t keep, Gunner is faced with the biggest decision of his life. Avenge his family, or throw away the only woman who’s cracked open his shielded heart?

Cabin 3 is the third book in the three-part Berry Springs spinoff series, Steele Shadows Security — Think of it as Berry Springs' darker, grittier, steamier, bad boy brother. Please note: You do not need to listen to the Berry Springs Series first.

Awards and Recognition:

Cabin 1 (Steele Shadows Security): 2020 National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist, 2020 HOLT Medallion Finalist
The Storm (A Berry Springs Novel): 2018 Golden Leaf Winner for Romantic Suspense, 2018 Maggie Award for Excellence Finalist, 2018 Silver Falchion Finalist, 2018 Beverley Finalist, 2018 Passionate Plume Honorable Mention Recipient
The Fog (A Berry Springs Novel): 2019 Golden Quill Winner for Romantic Suspense, 2019 I Heart Indie Winner, 2019 Stiletto Award Finalist, 2019 Book Buyers Best Finalist

Amy Deuchler, Michael Reid
hr min
November 18
HH Tisevich