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Blocked chakras can severely affect your physical and spiritual well-being. Learn how to unblock them and release the trapped pranic energy inside your body.

We’ve all been victims of things like back pain, fatigue, trust issues, sexual inadequacy, etc. It’s not that there is something inherently wrong with us. It’s actually the opposite. In every living being, there is a life force that is collectively positive. It is this intelligence behind the scenes that creates the reality you experience. It tries to find expression in the material world through creativity, love, good health, etc. This life force or “prana” can unfortunately get blocked in our body due to certain traumatic experiences in the past (sometimes unconsciously). And we go about our daily life without being aware of the tremendous baggage we carry that results in physical and emotional friction. So how exactly can we clear our prana and lead much better lives?

“In every one of us is an undeniable desire to become infinite consciousness." (Sadhguru)

This is where chakra healing comes into the picture. Chakras are like centers of pranic energy inside your body. They are located in certain key locations from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra has a specific role. For example, the heart chakra is associated with feelings of love, compassion, and beauty. If it gets blocked (perhaps because of a bad relationship), then you will find it hard to deal with things like forgiveness, self-acceptance, etc. Similarly, the third-eye chakra is associated with intuition and vision. Without proper awareness and practice, you will navigate through life with these blocked chakras and spoil the experiences of yourself and those around you.

In this audiobook, Dharma Hazari, a monk and spiritual teacher from India, teaches you the fundamentals of chakra healing so you can finally begin clearing your aura/energy and live a much more balanced life. Among other things, you will learn in this audiobook: 

Reasons and symptoms to identify specific chakra blockages
Yoga asanas and mudras to heal the chakras quickly
Techniques to enhance chakra functions after healing them
Locations of all the chakras and how they operate
How to awaken your third eye for clarity and greater vision
Special practices like color therapy, homeopathy, kundalini yoga, etc.
Practical benefits of chakra healing in your day-to-day life
Bonus chapter on crystals, aura, Reiki, pranic healing

All the material in this audiobook has been drafted in a simple and learner-friendly language without losing the depth of the concepts. Specific methods and practices have been outlined for your convenience. 

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Religion & Spirituality
Stark Wilson
hr min
November 9
Dharma Hazari

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Unedited narrative

The narrator is great minus the weird pauses and ‘Boop Boop’s’. Seems like they accidentally published the unedited addition. The book itself is very informative however I’d suggest getting the hard copy.

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