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Have you ever felt anxious or insecure? Is the daily life too stressful? Are mental fatigue and depression keeping you down?

If even just one of these questions rings a bell, there might be a problem, and this audiobook is here to help you out finding not just a better state of mind but a whole new level of well-being. 

Join us in this incredible journey across millennia and exotic cultures to discover everything behind chakras and their powerful effects on people’s health and life. When you listen to this audiobook, anxiety, angst, depression, stress, insecurity, fatigue, and so on will just be a distant memory of the past. 

This is a list of the immediate benefits you might gain in your life by learning what chakras are and how to control them:

Improve your relationships
Develop your sensitivity toward others and their feelings
Increase your learning and deep-listening capabilities
Open your third eye
Reach a new height of enlightenment and wisdom
Greatly improve your sexual life

This audiobook will help you achieve these and many more through the following chapters: 

Explaining the Chakras
The Seven Chakra System
Awakening the 7 Chakras
How to Open Your Third Eye
Troubleshooting Chakra Awakening: Things to Avoid
Physical, Emotional and Mental Imbalances and How to Heal Them
Examining Your Chakras: Questions to Ask on Your Healing Path
Chakra Healing Benefits
How to Heal Your Chakras
How Other People Affect Your Chakras
Chakra Mantras: 20 of the Most Beneficial Mantras for Maintaining Chakra Health
Meditations for Chakra Balancing and Healing
Healing the Chakras with Crystals
Case Studies: How Chakra Healing Has Helped So Many

Do you think you might not be able to do it all alone? Never doubt yourself! 

The entire universe is made of energy constantly flowing, and your body is no exception. With this audiobook, you will get the key to unlock this new dimension, using ancient knowledge to better understand and heal yourself.

Nowadays, we rely only on pills to take care of our health, but for millennia, before modern scientific medicine, people have used the chakras and their influence on the life force to get better. Only you have the power to truly change yourself, and this audiobook is here to give the right set of knowledge to do so! 

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Religion & Spirituality
Elizabeth Wilson
hr min
February 7
Lemon Web Ltd

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