Confidence Secrets Revealed: The Quick Guide to Developing Self-Esteem (Unabridged) Confidence Secrets Revealed: The Quick Guide to Developing Self-Esteem (Unabridged)

Confidence Secrets Revealed: The Quick Guide to Developing Self-Esteem (Unabridged‪)‬

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Whoever said confidence comes with age clearly didn’t live in the 21st century! As natural as confidence is, it’s probably one of the most difficult qualities to cultivate. Why? Because the foundation of true confidence is self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is simply defined as the ability to embrace who you are without having the desire to change yourself. 

If you lived on a deserted island without access to Instagram, LinkedIn, and tabloids constantly telling you what you’re doing wrong and what other people are doing right, it would be easier for you to embrace who you are. However, you don’t live on a deserted island. You live in a concrete jungle, surrounded by people who are more successful than you, have better genetics than you, and live the kind of lifestyle you can only dream of. 

If you desire true confidence in the era of selfies, you will need to be armed with a completely new strategy for how to honor who you are and believe with all of your heart that you are enough. You will also need practical tips to start implementing immediately so you can see positive changes in your mindset, speech, and behaviors within weeks! 

Author Jack Crane grew up as a people-pleaser who learned later in life that comparisons were deadly! It took him many years to cultivate true confidence (not the fake kind we see on TV) and live his life in the most authentic way he knew how. 

In his book, Confidence Secrets Revealed, Crane focuses on three areas we all need confidence in, careers, relationships, and finances. Some of the topics covered in the book include how to ask for a raise at work, healthy ways to resolve conflict in romantic relationships, and strategies for shifting your money mindset to achieve financial freedom! 

If you have lost the confidence you had in your youth and desire true and long-lasting confidence, be sure to pick up this quirky and motivational book! 

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