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Would you like to affect other people’s minds to get what you really want?

Would you like to identify and avoid those toxic people that try to manipulate your life in any way possible, pushing you to do what is good for them, but not for you?

Knowing the art of manipulation is the secret to success.

The only way to live a peaceful and truly free life is avoiding the attempts to manipulate occurring every day to you at work, with your partner, or with the many fake friends who try to exploit you. But it is also important to know which are the psychological tricks to easily get from other people anything you want and when you want it.

Dark Psychology and Manipulation is the ultimate and prompt guide to learn how to exploit the art of manipulation and persuasion in your everyday life through the most secret psychology techniques.

At the end of this audiobook, you will be able to Identify and interpret other people’s most intimate secrets, wishes, and fears, and use this information to get what you want from anyone and in any context.

You will learn:

The manipulator’s typical traits and how to spot them
The most common signs of manipulation in progress: Train yourself daily to protect yourself
The 26 psychological tricks you can use in your everyday life to get anything you want
The secret to getting your interlocutor’s attention and making him or her willing to comply with your requests
The 11 most effective persuasion techniques and how to use them 
The most effective trick to improve yourself and gain a greater persuasive strength towards others
The seven mistakes you make every day and that make you easily controllable
How to figure out if someone is trying to control your mind and how to stop them

Although you may think that manipulation is a tricky technique that you can’t use for your benefit, thanks to Dark Psychology and Manipulation, you will learn that you, too, can exploit the darkest side of psychology by following the techniques and practical exercises that you will find in every chapter.

If you are ready to finally take control of your relationships and your life, listen to this audiobook!

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Dan Waters
hr min
September 24
Richard Covert