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This one-of-a-kind book teaches you how to become more mature, responsible, focused, driven, and motivated so you can fix your problems and make your life 10x easier.

Not having your act together as much as possible makes your life harder and creates one painful problem after another. Getting it together requires pulling your head out of your ass and doing what's necessary to make sure you never move backwards again. It's the most important thing you need to do RIGHT NOW to fix your problems, overcome challenges, create opportunity, and change your "luck" and results. This best-selling book teaches you the psychology, emotions, thoughts, behavior, actions, habits, and steps of getting your act and life together and keeping it that way. 

A 100 percent must-have if you want to quickly, dramatically, and permanently improve your life:

Make life easier, simpler, and less stressful
Quit sabotaging your self, life, relationships, and opportunities
Stop being immature, irresponsible, selfish, and out-of-control and become successful, wise, mature, trustworthy, and dependable
Multiply business, financial, personal, and dating opportunities   

A fraction of what you're about to learn:

What's actually holding you back, killing potential, and keeping you from having your act together
What "having your act together" actually means, why it's important, and why society's definition is making you fail
Societal constructs giving you a false sense of having your act together
Nineteen clear signs that you don't have your act together
The real reasons you're lazy, giving up, and not pushing yourself and which habits are making you unhappy, unproductive, and unsuccessful
How to eliminate "chaos" and distractions from your mind, daily routine, and life
This one mindset makes you mentally tougher, creates change, sets you apart, and helps you reach goals faster and easier
How to identify and eliminate time-wasting thoughts, feelings, activities, people, and things
Eleven mindsets to make self-control and self-discipline easier
Six mindsets the world's happiest and most successful people use to remain calm and keep it together
What to do when everything's out-of-control and you want to give up
The most important parts of your home to keep clean and organized
How to make your job and boring tasks easier
How to become more focused, productive, and get things done
What "broke" and "rich" actually mean and why it's important
One mindset that helps you make more money
Money's real purpose and what to do RIGHT NOW if you're having money problems
How to get bills and expenses under control ASAP
The time you should be get up every day and why it matters
And much more

Marc Summers
hr min
August 31
Marc Summers of MajorLeagueDating.com

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