Divorcing a Narcissist: Deciding Whether to Stay or Go and Healing from an Emotional Destructive. How to Ending a Toxic Relationship. Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse from Ex-partner. (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you want to divorce a narcissist? If yes, then keep listening.…

Romantic relationships with narcissists typically start out like a fairy tale. There is the moment where you meet the narcissist, and you feel instantly attracted to him or her. You cannot quite place it but something about the narcissist feels too good to be true. There is a reason for this — she is projecting what she is learning is your ideal partner. She learns from the feedback you give when interacting and tweaks her behaviors until you feel like you are looking at an idealized version of everything you want. 

As you grow more interested in her over time, falling for her pretense of perfection, she will begin the devaluation stage of your relationship, at which point she will essentially crush your self-esteem and leave you scrambling to get back to her good graces. She wants to make sure you are hooked on her, and this is the perfect way to test it. 

Eventually, as this cycle of love bombing and devaluation continue, growing shorter and shorter with each revolution, she will begin to lose her interest in you. She may decide that you no longer have whatever it was that caught her eye, or she may simply be bored at the lack of the challenge, feeling all of the whirlwind romance hormones fading away, and decide that it is no longer worth her while to pursue the relationship. She may decide to keep you around while seeking alternate sources of narcissistic supply, such as from an affair partner, or she may decide to end things with you altogether, though she will keep you just interested enough in her, with small hints of you being interested in her scattered here and there to convince you that she may still come back for you. 

Ultimately, what she wants is options for her supply and to perpetually live in the joy of the honeymoon stage of a relationship, though every relationship moves past that if given the chance to properly mature. She mistakes the purpose of relationships as being the honeymoon stage instead of seeing that as just one step in the process to a long-lasting relationship. Ultimately, she wants to do what is best for her, which is typically whatever feels best. She is not interested in a long-term relationship so much as in having fun and being the center of attention.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

The seven steps to follow to take your revenge
Divorcing a narcissist
Partner with just narcissism tendencies
Recovering from narcissistic abuse
Redefining yourself after the abuse
Ending a relationship
Psychological manipulation techniques
Tips for prevention, FAQs, and helping someone in a narcissistic relationship
How to break off a relationship with a narcissist
Executing the no contact rule effectively
Grieving after narcissistic abuse
Extreme narcissism
And more!

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Christopher Shelby Slone
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March 27
Covert Harper J.