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Do you want to finally take control of your life? Perhaps, you have spent far too long allowing those around you to guilt you into acting in ways that they wish to obligate you into feeling. Perhaps you find that you are on the receiving end of all sorts of emotional abuse if you dare to even suggest that you will not do what someone else wants you to do.

You may not face these problems, but find that you are all too sensitive when dealing with other people, feeling as though you suddenly absorb their emotions, even when you were fine before. If this sounds familiar, then you may be an empath. Now, this does not have to be a negative thing - in fact, it is actually quite positive.

An empath is someone who is capable of great things. You are able to feel the emotions of those around you, but with that comes the ability to empathize far more than most people are capable of. You get to walk this earth with your own special insight. However, this comes with its own slew of problems.

You are probably constantly told that you are too sensitive. This may be the case, but it is simply in your nature to be sensitive to matters of emotion. You may be taken advantage of when you feel bad for someone else, and this quickly turns you into the perfect target for manipulators around you. You may find that you struggle to tell no to people, or that you constantly feel obligated to help other people. You may even be abused into doing what other people want.

Life does not need to continue this way, and this audiobook is here to help you. When you listen to this book, you will find:

What an empath is, and why they are at such a high risk for abuse and manipulation
What the various types of empaths are
How the empath interacts with other people
What narcissistic abuse is, and how it can be so harmful to the empath
How to recover from that narcissistic abuse
What emotional manipulation is, and how it can be so harmful to the empath
How to recover from emotional manipulation
And much more!

Leigh Serling
hr min
May 27
Duccio Manfredi