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Are we living at the time of the end? Are we that last generation? Discover the nonfiction version of the end of days before it is too late. Learn the keys to unlocking the signs for the end times. Learn how to survive the coming apocalypse.

Many end time signs have already come to pass as you will learn.

Learn the mystery of the Israeli connection to the end of days.

Understand why the rise of ISIS and the tribulation in the Middle East is a sign of the end times.

Learn why so many doubt the prophecies for the end of days, and why this time they may regret it! You will know why so many will be deceived into believing the lies of the coming global leader.

In this new release, the following will no longer be a mystery:
The key players during the tribulation period Why so many will be deceived into taking on the Mark of the Beast (the 666 - mark of Satan) Why taking the Mark of the Beast instantly condemns a person to eternal damnation How to recognize the coming global leader when he arrives on the world scene Why will the end of days will not be the end for everyone Whether there will actually be a rapture What to do if you are left behind Whether some survive and how can you prepare and survive the coming apocalypse What emergency supplies we should have on hand regardless of an apocalypse How to prepare emotionally and spiritually for any situation Survival tips for the apocalypse Overcoming fear during the apocalypse The whole armor of God Why there is such a controversy over Jerusalem What the Book of Life is and how to ensure that your name is written in it and remains in that book to secure eternal life
This truly is a book for the very time that we are living in today. While many wonder what is going on, you will know why and you will be prepared.

Religion & Spirituality
Kevin Kollins
hr min
October 26
Robert Hernandez

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