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Publisher Description

Leatherback presents a selection of short erotic stories, narrated for your pleasure. Each story is approximately 20 minutes long.

The French Teacher
Starting a new term can be a depressing time for any school boy, but things start to look up for Olli and Mick as they catch a glimpse of their new French teacher. Finding her in an embarrassing situation, they are taken on an erotic ride with this French vixen. Sex in the classroom, corridors, and school grounds ensures that this term will be one they never forget.

The Kimono
Nicky, and her husband Simon, had spoken on many occasions about each other's fantasies. Most of them involved just the two of them, but there were a few which were a little more adventurous. They booked themselves into a hotel room and sent Simon out to find two girls to join them. They set to work fulfilling his fantasy of seeing his wife being pleasured by these women.

The Hotel Room
Having been caught on the beach, they ran inside the nearest bar where they met a beautiful couple who liked to do more than share stories. Tied to the chair in the middle of the hotel room, she enjoyed all three of them. Ending on the bed for group sex, both girls were given a wild time.

Club Erotica
Nick's brother had recommended a club in Soho, saying he and Emma would have never seen anything like it. In order to gain entry, Emma had to gain the secret camera's approval. Once inside, the club was filled with hundreds of beautiful people, with slave men and women serving them. Having been tied and whipped, Emma was brought to Nick for a public screwing she would not easily forget.

Birthday Surprise
For her birthday he promised her a day she wouldn't forget. With a champagne dinner, dancing, and a hot bath, she thought he'd given her everything. However, there was one more present that she was to receive. Blindfolded, he introduced her to a whole new sexual experience!

Rebecca Jensen
hr min
February 3
Leatherback Productions Ltd

Customer Reviews

turnsole ,


What a most pleasurable escape via my ipod!

HarlowDragon ,

Ooo, OOOO!! My flaming hot "SEX" !!!

It was alright. The stories and scenerios were well described, explicit and a tad exciting at times, but I'd have to say I wasn't terribly impressed.

The thing that I thought was strange and made me giggle every time I heard it: the word "sex" to describe various body parts. "We pressed our SEXES together", "he licked my hot SEX", "I could feel his rock-hard SEX". Geez!! Just say p*ssy, and c*ck already! That was the part that made me laugh, which totally destroyed the mood. I would have enjoyed it if they had just been more straight forward in their vocabulary.

I'd recommend this audiobook if you're just a tender gal, looking for a saucy little listen with nothing TOO hard-core. But if you're a randy gal like myself, I'd steer clear -- you'll get only half way there by the time it's over. ;)

The Fan 01 ,


This is a really good writtin book and very sexy!

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