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One picture. One tabloid. Two lives changed forever. 

Finian Alexander is one scandalous tabloid photo away from catapulting his acting career onto the A-list. All his bad-boy persona needs is an agreeable member of the paparazzi to give him a friendly boost. But vacationing out in the middle of nowhere, the only photographer he knows is way too scrupulous for her own good. 

Or is she? 

Hailey Summer is desperate for cash - so desperate that she's willing to do just about anything with her photography skills to save her family's cottage and keep her secrets hidden from her sisters. So when sexy and arrogant movie star Finian makes her an offer, Hailey can't resist. But does his proposition take things too far? And when their plans begin to unravel, will Finian and Hailey find the limelight too blinding?

Vanessa Moyen
hr min
July 2
Oram Productions

Customer Reviews

Kristen Lewendon ,

I had so much fun reading this book

I had so much fun reading this book. Okay, fine. Technically I was listening to it, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still enjoyed the story. Did I want to take Hailey and Finn and shake some sense into them? On more than one occasion? Absolutely! Did I want them to behave like responsible adults and use their words to have a meaningful conversation once in a while? Without question. But those irritating little habits made Hailey and Finn feel all the more human. They kept me laughing. Now that I’ve been introduced the quirky group who are the Summer Sisters, I’m excited to read more. And being a Canadian girl, I really appreciated all the local color – including our Monopoly money.
I received a complimentary copy of the audiobook from the author through Authors Direct.

Goddessdemetra422 ,

It’s no rumour it’s a great one

This is book 1 of a new series. Loved it. The author knows how to write stories that have a pull you in. You won’t want to put it down till the end . I can connect to the story since it takes place in my home Province .

Hero is Finian. A movie star . Heroine is Hailey oldest of all the sisters who is a local photographer.

Finian is vacationing in Muskoka Canada , He took off from LA when he broke of with his love . Finian is having a quite time in Ontario. He can’t believe how quiet it is up in Muskoka . He needs to do something to get his picture in the tabloids so the industry doesn’t forget him .
Hailey is in a bind . . The family house (cottage) might be taken away from them for not paying property taxes by the government. Hailey needs to do something drastic and that will pay lots. She gets an idea....take a shot of Finian doing some down and dirty and sell it to the tabloids. Only thing is she’s not that type of reporter.

While both Hailey and Finian are trying to do something, one thing leads to another and sparks start to fly .

Does Hailey achieve her goal. Does she save the home

Vanessa was good. Her voice was clear , smooth and strong she did all the characters perfectly