Fan Podcasting: The Complete Guide (Unabridged) Fan Podcasting: The Complete Guide (Unabridged)

Fan Podcasting: The Complete Guide (Unabridged‪)‬

Bill Meeks and Others
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    • $4.99

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The ultimate guide to building your fan podcast.

Do you consider yourself an expert on your favorite TV show, movie, or book? Do you have the knowledge, equipment, charm, and passion, but aren't sure how to create a podcast your listeners will love just as much, if not more, than the media you talk about every week?

Fan Podcasting: The Complete Guide teaches you how to build an engaging podcast and killer community while geeking out about your favorite content. This audiobook isn't about which podcast microphone to buy or how to set up a podcast feed. This motivational how-to guide teaches you how to create a podcast so awesome, your listeners will stick around even if they stop watching the show you review. Creating fun, engaging, consistent content is podcasting 101.

In Fan Podcasting: The Complete Guide, you'll discover:

The three questions you need to ask yourself to deliver a fair and positive review every week, even when you aren't feeling it
How to create a show with a Café POV, the seven things you need to build into your show to create a deep connection with your listeners
Resources for planning your podcast, including how to create your show's structure
How to use your own creative voice to build unique "specials" into your podcast to surprise and delight your listeners
How to give your listeners a voice on your show
How to recruit actors, showrunners, and creators as guests
How to convert trolls into your biggest fans
What to do when you fall out of love with your show

After hosting and producing fancasts for seven years, Bill Meeks shares the valuable lessons he learned. His strategies helped grow the audience of the Universe Box podcast network to more than 40,000 downloads a week in under two years. You'll also listen to alternate techniques and fresh perspectives from 20 popular fancasters from shows like Supergirl Radio, Defenders TV Podcast, Jaig Eyes and Jedi, The Signal, Potentialcast: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast, The Sire, and podcast networks like Tuning into Sci-Fi, DCTV Podcasts, TV Podcast Industries, and Golden Spiral Media. Fan Podcasting: The Complete Guide gives you everything you need to start a podcast - besides the technical stuff.

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