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Publisher Description

If you are looking for a new taste of kinky stories that leave no stone unturned, that make you picture everything vividly in a way that turns you on more than any porn ever will, keep reading.

You are about to find spellbinding stories of spanking, coming out, threesome, first time, BDSM, doctor sex, taboo sex, bisexual and much more!

With the current epidemic of colorless and lifeless erotic stories, I hope there’s still a part of you left that yearns for talent. I hope there’s a part left that is eager to hear a ribald story, a fanciful tale of forbidden taboo stories, and a spirit jolting for an exciting adventure of expert fellatio, threesomes, and other beautiful scenes of hot, erotic gay and bisexual experiences and a great story line to top it off!

But your presence here tells me that you’re selective and erudite, and you like your tales a little different, a little queer, kinky, a little sexy, and original. Perhaps that’s why I’m confident that you’ll love this book!

Take it from me, it’s not common to find gay BDSM and erotic sex executed as flawlessly it has been in this book. It’s not common to enjoy a good story and get so galvanized and so stimulated - not by wordplay or the flow of events or anything in particular - but everything!  Ever found yourself sinking into a hole of amatory imagination instinctively triggered by a good book? Well, I guess it’s not common to find a book like this one.

So, if you are wondering:

Do the stories tell it all and go all the way?

Will they feature completely new concepts and ideas that will keep you looking forward for more twists?

Do they have a good story line that’s not interesting as opposed to going straight to the sex scenes?

If you have these and other related questions, the answer is a resounding "yes", so keep reading.

Take a peek at some of the stories you’ll find in this special edition:

A spellbinding tale of “Hard to Seduce”
A secret tale of “Dark Secrets”
An impassioning story about the “Lascivious Fire”
A stimulating story about “The Bounty and the Night”
An incredibly hot tale of “Tawdry Secrets”
A fluid tale of “Perfect Relations”
And much more!

What happens next is mind-blowing; it’s not the kind of action you just miss out on."

James Rainwater
hr min
November 25
Gerard Vermilio