Forex Trading for Beginners!: Best Forex Trading Strategies to Make Money Today!: Learn Forex Day Trading Secrets & How to Make Money Currency Trading! Best Forex Trading Guide! (Unabridged‪)‬

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Have you always been interested in learning how to trade on the foreign exchange market but with no idea where to begin? Then this book is for you! In this book, you will learn the psychology of successful trading as well as other great trading tips.

I’m a trader, a spouse, a parent, and an amateur golfer. Trading is my passion, and trading is who I am. It also happens to be my profession. In my spare time, I often teach beginning traders on how to get a competitive edge. I get pleasure in helping others get started with Forex trading - and in this book, you are going to learn about the history of the stock market and Forex, the mindset to have as well as: 

The Forex marketplace is the single largest trading platform in the world. It has transactions daily, in excess of 3 trillion dollars. You will learn how to tap into this volatility and earn a profit today.
You will learn the best times to trade in our handy cheat sheet. Unlike Wall Street, there is not an opening bell. You can start entering a trade as early as Sunday at 5 PM EST and stay and trade until the next Friday at about 4 PM EST. 
You will learn the ease of access to the market and how to get started trading today without your own money!
You will learn currency pairings and the main ones to focus on instead of trying to learn them all. 
You will learn about the mindset and the external resources you will need to start earning a profit with Forex.
You will learn the important aspects that you need to determine before entering a trade and when to exit a trade.

You will learn everything you need to know - complete with cheat sheets and commonly used terminologies with an actionable plan you can follow - to start making a profit today!

Comes with free PDF guide that includes all content in text format delivered straight to your library after purchase! 

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Matyas J.
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November 26
Tiernan Moore

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