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The trading market has no “one-size-fits-all” key. Some traders think they can simply purchase Forex trading programs and similar to an ATM - all that they have to do is input a PIN and they get all their cash. No, this is not how it works. This is an actual market, and it is the biggest financial market worldwide, so you have to regard it like that.

It is your decision if you want to be a part-time trader or you want to do it every day. You can even decide to make it a business - your trading business. If there is any secret actually, it is within your brain, and together with your mental awareness, control, and accumulated skills and knowledge that you have acquired and the accordant alignment of your objectives and actions, and expertise that is gained through a quality amount of constant practice till knowledge becomes instinctive wisdom.

It is possible to learn to trade, however, the experience has to be acquired. It is developed personally through individual effort and comprehension. It does not just happen in one day. Like any other profession, trading also requires commitment. The theory is acceptable, but practice perfects your skills and combines all your previously acquired knowledge. One other important thing is to know that it is impossible to stop learning. Every day, there is a change in the market, and the Forex market like its traders, is constantly evolving.

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What you put in is what you would get. Certainly, you have to invest in your learning, you have to search for knowledge and someone that can guide you through trading in this market. I believe that after you have listened to the audiobook, it would not be hard for you to decide that you want me to guide teach you more. 

This audiobook gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

Forex Trading Basics
Elements of Forex
Forex Trading on a Budget
The Position Trading Strategy
Developing Your Trading Plan
Think before You Trade
Trading Strategies
Fundamental Analysis
Trading Journals
Engulfing Pattern Trading with 3ms Principles
Psychology of Forex Trading
Tips for Success
FAQs on Forex Trading
And More!

The zeal to learn a minimum of one new thing every day is very crucial. After all these years, I still experience my own "Ah-ha" moments of awareness and I hope it never ends. However, these experiences have to be acquired personally. A few of them will be regarded as intuitive, and apparent to a lot of people, while for other people, they are unable to fully comprehend this.

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March 2
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