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Gaslighting is an insidious form of manipulation and emotional abuse that is difficult to recognize and even more difficult to release.

The effects that can result from a (short or long) relationship with a narcissist can be devastating for the person who suffers them. If one or more of the following symptoms seem familiar, you may be among the gaslighting victims:

being more anxious and less confident than you used to be
feeling like everything you do is wrong
feeling like you're not good enough
feeling misunderstood
extreme weight loss or weight gain
unusual jealousy / insecurity / paranoia
always thinking it’s your fault when things go wrong
having a sense that something is wrong, but being unable to identify what it is
making excuses for your partner’s behavior
inability to be comfortable with yourself
avoiding giving information to friends or family members to avoid confrontation about your partner
feeling isolated from friends and family
finding it increasingly hard to make decisions
feeling hopeless and taking little or no pleasure in activities you used to enjoy

Very often those who undergo gaslighting recognize themselves in the Empaths category, i.e. hypersensitive people who experience high levels of compassion, consideration, and understanding towards others.

In this audiobook you will learn:

The motives behind narcissistic abuse and techniques to resist a narcissist's manipulation.
Why narcissists and empaths seem to be drawn to one another and how you will be able to find (when possible) the right solutions to find the right balance between couples.
Useful signals to recognize if you are a victim of manipulation.
Tactics to break free from psychological and emotional abuse.
And much more!

What do you need now?

Right now you need someone who has already experienced your same symptoms, the same experience, the same anxieties and fears, but also someone who, like me, has managed to recover and find himself, finding the right strengths and methods to get out from this bad situation.

I cannot promise you that by listening to this audiobook you will be able to solve all your problems, but I am sure that if you apply yourself with all your strength, if you pay attention to the advice offered and succeed in putting it into practice, then from the first days you can start to feel better.

You will see that many of those symptoms that I listed you and about which you found yourself slowly fade away, and you will feel like you used to.

It will be a tough and fascinating listen, but I am sure that together we will be able to get out!

Let's get right to work.

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Christopher Power
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October 23
Simon Mackenzie