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If you have been in a relationship with a narcissist, it is no doubt that you have been subjected to the worst psychological warfare that there is: gaslighting.

Gaslighting is a form of abuse and torture that can cause you to break. It can cause you to lose your mind. It can cause your psyche and your rationality to separate at the seams. Gaslighting can damage you in ways that nothing else can damage you. It is a form of brainwashing that should only be used in war, but is used against you right in your own living room. 

People who aren’t familiar with gaslighting have no idea that it is going on. Or, they are a part of the hive of the narcissist, and they turn a blind eye to the efforts of the narcissist to get you to comply blindly to the hive. The narcissist will do anything in the name of the hive, and that includes psychological torture.  

This book will open your eyes to the truth behind the narcissist, the hive, and why gaslighting is used in the mind-set of the hive and in the hive’s behavior. You might think that the narcissist is omniscient and omnipresent in your life, until you realize that he is really a member of the hive, and that you are at the hive’s mercy.

Gaslighting is many things. It is the psychological warfare that is launched against you by the narcissist and his hive of followers. It is the brainwashing techniques that are initiated to warp you into blind compliance to the hive. It is the overt and covert abuse that is launched against you by the narcissist and his cohorts. 

Outsiders looking in will not believe you if you complain about the gaslighting that is going on. If you challenge the narcissist and the hive and oust him on his behavior, he will deny the abuse is even happening at all. This is partially because the narcissist is not behaving of his own free will. He will not take responsibility and accountability for his own behavior because he is behaving in the best interests of the hive.

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August 2
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