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If you are going through a devastating breakup and are trying to put back your broken pieces, then keep on reading.

Are you consumed with thoughts of depression, anger, and regret from your recent breakup?

Does getting out of bed take 50 times the effort than normal because of depression?

Do you have a hard time focusing on school or at work and constantly feel anxious because of your breakup?

You are not alone! Going through a break up sucks, especially if your partner has been a part of you for a long time.

According to an expert study, we spend on average around 18 months of our lives getting over breakups.

This is a lot of wasted time when we could be doing something more fulfilling rather than being paralyzed while riding that emotional rollercoaster.

That is why I wrote this book, because I have also gone through so many painful breakups.

Here is just a tiny fraction of what you will discover in this book:

A proven routine I used to get over a painful breakup in 21 days, like magic!
My story about my breakups and lessons I learned from them
A simple way to make moving out easier, even if you are cohabitating
Cohabitating but just broke up? Discover a simple way to move out and get a new place
One crucial tactic, recommended by top dating experts, to help get over your ex in less time
Seven stages of grief associated with every breakup, and how to get through it
One simple trick to feel better in the midst of your emotional roller coaster, like magic
Why trying to win your ex back will hurt you in the long run
Discover proven ways to cope with your devastating break up, while enjoying the activities you love
Think getting a new partner will eliminate your loneliness? Think again
Crucial counter-culture advice my therapist gave me...that I never would have thought of
Who you should date instead of dating another guy... Confused? I’ll show you a startling concept taught by famous dating coaches
Jealous after seeing your ex-boyfriend date another girl immediately after your breakup? Do this one tactic to reframe your negative thoughts
Why should you stay single after a break-up? This simple secret might shock you!
24 powerful positive affirmations to dominate your negative "post-breakup" thoughts
Is your self-confidence at rock bottom? Bring out the confident woman in you in seven easy steps
And much more...

Take a second to image how you’ll feel after you are finally able to overcome your breakup in a shorter time than you thought.

And how you will gain confidence in yourself and have that spring in your step again.

Courtney Lucien
hr min
February 5
Jonah Lim