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Whenever you say that you're "gifted", people automatically assume it simply means that you think you're smarter than anyone else, or just exceptionally smart. Although being very intelligent is a part of that "gifted" label we give some people, it's not the full truth. There is so much more to it.

Being gifted is a whole set of qualities, frustrations, traits, characteristics, and situations that accompany an intelligent mind. Being "gifted" sounds as if it is all beneficial, and to a degree, there is a lot you can do with that gift. But if you're really gifted, a certain number of challenges will come your way too. Here are some of those challenges you will listen about:

Other people may not understand the fast way you process information and lay connections between one thing and another. This can be frustrating.
Gifted people are often introverted, but being gifted is a certain push or drive that doesn't equal the exact same description of simply being an introvert. It's still different.
A high intelligence quotient has its pros and cons. Certain professions and puzzles can more easily be solved.
If you're gifted, you may be a big perfectionist, feel like you never do enough, and have a high energy that compels you to achieve more and get more done.
Gifted people don't always understand why other people don't think the same way, but surprisingly, they have a lot of empathy, unlike those in the autistic spectrum. They are sensitive to others' feelings and easily sense when something is going wrong.
A long focus, an inner motivation, and a self-regulating, independent work ethic are usually part of being gifted.
Gifted people analyze things to the core, which often helps them figure out things.
You might have a strong sense of justice, which can be really frustrating in a world where evil prevails in every corner.
If you're one of those people who cannot stop thinking and talks really fast when aligning his or her thoughts, this may be a sign of giftedness too. That fast thinking pace is a blessing when you are trying to make progress, but a curse if you're trying to sleep and your head is full of ideas.

These are only a few of the many topics discussed in this elaborate guide. There are examples, stories, and relatable explanations of what your brain might be like when you're gifted.

Ross Pipkin
hr min
August 21
Robert Nathans