God Who?: The Extraordinary Life of Intimately Knowing the God I Know (Unabridged) God Who?: The Extraordinary Life of Intimately Knowing the God I Know (Unabridged)

God Who?: The Extraordinary Life of Intimately Knowing the God I Know (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $5.99

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Does it sometimes feel like life and the world are out of control, and your anxiety controls your whole life? It’s time to get back your peace and discover who is really in charge.

It is estimated that over 70% of people experience ongoing stress and anxiety. So, if you worry, you are in good company. Who wants to remain there and merely attempt to manage how to lead a stressful and anxious life?

Life in our world is filled with triggers for stress and worry, and it’s virtually impossible to navigate daily life without running into them. We worry about our relationships, money, health, and even death. Over 40% of people have trouble sleeping. Are these worries robbing you of the things in life that truly matter, such as family, friends, and just joy? With these worries, people look into God and if there are any answers there.

The problem is that the answers are there, but people only look at the surface and not at a relationship with God. So, where do you start when you genuinely want to find answers but are exhausted by the amount of energy and courage it takes to navigate daily life? Every answer you are looking for is contained in the Bible, but you will not find those answers without an intimate relationship with the one true God. You must know him intimately. 

Inside this eye-opening book, you will discover:

Your first required step is salvation
What does God want?
Who is God, and what is he like?
Can you really know God personally?
What is your part in this?
How to know God's will
And much more.

If your worry and emptiness have such a firm grip that you thought you’d never be able to break free from, take heart. No matter what you’ve already tried, there’s still hope. There is someone more significant than any of your problems, someone who wants to know you, and you’re about to discover who this is and the steps you need to take to achieve greatness.

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