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Turn the men of your church into a band of brothers.

"In Got Your Back, Gary Yagel makes a compelling biblical case that God never intended Christian men to fight their spiritual battles alone. With the shoe-leather realism that comes from over 30 years discipling men, Gary supplies the biblical examples, real-life stories, and practical wisdom to inspire the men of your church to forge the brotherhood bonds they need for encouragement and accountability. This 10-week men's study is a valuable tool for every church's men's ministry tool box!" (Patrick Morley, founder and chairman of Man in the Mirror)

"Sometimes one comes across a book that is so profoundly true and arresting that it changes the way one looks at the world and, more important, how one looks at one's own life. I'm a loner. I could do the monastery thing if they would let me bring my wife. But a long time ago I found out that I simply can't do this by myself and was drug kicking and screaming into community. Now that move (a good one, I've found) has legs. Those "legs" are in Gary Yagel's book, Got Your Back. Read this book and rejoice in its truth. Then give it to every guy you know. We could change the world...but we can't do it alone." (Steve Brown, author, seminary professor, founder of Key Life Ministries)

"What a valuable book! With the patience and care of a soul-surgeon, Gary Yagel cuts through the layers of isolation that have immobilized so many Christian men, and expertly explains the cure. Want to wake up the men in your church? This little book—logical, biblical, spiritual, practical—is a great place to start." (Nate Larkin, founder of The Samson Society, author of Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood)

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