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As of February 11, 2019, this book has been re-edited and updated.

Since Grayson was a young cub in Alaska, he’s always wanted to be a park ranger. But when a rogue alpha attacks their small den unexpectedly, Grayson’s alpha father manages to get some of his family as well as two other families out of their village unnoticed. They flee for their lives, and head in the direction of Honey Creek in hopes of finding a welcoming den. 

Park Ranger Jai wasn’t happy about getting relocated to Flathead Lake Park in Montana but he had to go where the Park Service sent him. Once there, his bear felt happy and content. Jai had hoped to find his mate there, but alas, nothing. Still, his panda grumbled any time Jai even thought about asking for a transfer, so he made the most of it and made Honey Creek his home. 

When Grayson scents his mate on his first day as Flathead Lake’s newest park ranger, he’s not ready. He’s what most people would call a “baby alpha” as he’s just turned 21. He’s not prepared for a mate yet. His family is still recovering from losing everything and he hasn’t had time to establish himself in his position. But fate has other plans. 

Things don’t go so smoothly and Grayson almost ruins his chances with his mate. When the same alpha shows up in Honey Creek, set on wiping out all male omegas, Alpha War and his den gear up for a fight for their lives. 

Twins are wreaking havoc, triplets are starting to crawl, omegas are going into heat, old alphas are showing up and causing problems, warlocks are still “poofing” in and out at odd times, and Grayson is head over heels in love with his little mate. 

Grayson’s Enlightenment is book four in the Honey Creek Den Series. Each book contains a fated mate pair, Mpreg, lots of knotting during growly sexy times, and babies. Did I mention babies? These alphas will do anything for their mates, just listen and see. The Honey Creek Den Series is a continuing series and is meant to be heard in order and not considered stand-alones, even though each book focuses on a different couple. This book is intended for adults only as these shifters tend to get growly and don’t watch their language. 

Grayson and Jai's story is around 44,000 words in length.

Kenneth Obi
hr min
July 4
Taylor Rylan