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This is the third episode of Haley’s Humiliation, the new series by Suzy Carnie. Haley’s life is going along just like normal until an old boyfriend reenters her life and sets everything on end. Bit by bit this professional woman is transformed into a girl who thrives on humiliation, domination and loss of control. She has no idea how Joe can possibly overcome her better nature but it doesn’t seem like making choices is much of anything these days anyway!


Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, domination, submission, sex in public, humiliation, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this novella.


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My God, he wants me to fuck him in front of all these guys? Are they going to join in? That thought sat like a lead weight in the pit of her stomach.


Josh ran his hands down from her shoulders along her sides. “You look beautiful, Haley. You look just like the little slut you are. My little slut, and you are going to do what I tell you to do.” He paused and cleared his throat, and it seemed to call all the attention of the men in the room. Haley felt their eyes crawl over her, and the skimpy leather dress and high heels and bright red lipstick seemed to pulse on her body. She shook. Josh caught her eye and he grinned. “Now, Haley, get on your knees you little whore. Get on your knees and beg for my cock.”


Haley had trouble registering the words. She was just seeing all those eyes. Finally, though, Josh reached out and gripped her shoulders and her eyes came back to him. “Get on your knees, Haley. Beg for my cock.”


Slowly, she dropped to the floor and then, she made herself look only at Josh. She was feeling such a flood of anger and humiliation, she wasn't sure which was greater. “Please let me suck your cock, Josh.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Victoria Ward
hr min
June 7
Naughty Daydreams Audio