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Bring yourself back into balance. Dissolve stress. Boost intuition. Relax into your body.

“In our busy modern world there isn’t much room for women to really be empowered in their feminine energy. Busy working Mums, women with a career and bills to pay, family to look after, often need to use their masculine energy more so they can just keep going, assert themselves, thrive, compete and succeed. What I have seen for myself and many other women is that this can sometimes be at the expense of having time or energy to listen to our bodies, our intuition or to really look after ourselves and our deeper needs. We have lost the art of honouring our feminine energy somewhat, which is accessed by going within into the stillness. A lot of conditions like ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis are connected to us women pushing ourselves using our masculine energy and forgetting how to really listen to the feminine inner wisdom of our bodies and intuition. I’ve struggled with this myself and my own healing journey has led me to discover that the awakening process for women is quite specific to our anatomy. By discovering our unique path of awakening we can find balance.” (Kimberley Jones)

This beautiful guided energy balance from modern mystic Kimberley Jones will help to centre you as a woman awakening to your authentic power and purpose in the world. It guides you through a very simply and soothing energy practice that can be used daily. Helps you to integrate your mind and heart, masculine and feminine and your left and right brain activity for heightened creativity and clarity of thinking.

Kimberley Jones is a gifted and respected intuitive mentor empowering, awakening women all over the world. Known as 'The Lightworkers' Lightworker' and 'a real life spirit guide', she has over 20 years' experience as a healer and is a Reiki Master Healer who has also studied psychology, new science, energy healing, and multiple fields in the healing arts. Her own powerful spiritual awakening has been the subject of a book and psycho-spiritual research by psychologists in the UK. A qualified Quantum Activist, Kimberley was the first to train with Physicist Dr Amit Goswami (from the book/documentary What the Bleep Do We Know?). She is currently writing a book of her awakening journey called The Diary of an Awakening Woman.

Kimberley Jones
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February 25
Kimberley Jones

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