His Girl Hollywood His Girl Hollywood

His Girl Hollywood

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Publisher Description

From Entertainment Weekly columnist Maureen Lee Lenker comes the standalone follow-up to It Happened One Fight, a rompy second-chance romance set in the glittering world of 1930s film.

Arlene Morgan has always dreamed of being a movie director, like so many women in the silent era before her. But when Evets Studios finally gives her a shot, a rare thing in 1930s Hollywood, she's dismayed to discover that her leading man is none other than Don Lamont. Born Don Lazzarini, Don was Arlene's next-door-neighbor growing up, two best friends with two big dreams. He's the only man she's ever loved… except he abandoned her to pursue his dance career in New York, and she hasn't seen or heard from his since.

But Don, despite his Broadway success, has been caught under the thumb of his gangster manager Frankie Martino for the last eight years, unable to come home. When he gets offered a role in a Hollywood picture, he leaps at the chance to free himself once and for all. But clashing with his director, the girl he once knew as Lena, leaves him scrambling to find his footing. As the two unpack old wounds and struggle to work together, Don starts to realize Lena might have been his dream girl all along. But she doesn't know about Frankie, and getting her involved in his contract would put her in danger, too. It's going to take quite the footwork to prove his feelings and help make Arlene's picture a success before Frankie takes drastic measures to keep his most valuable leading man.

January 14
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