Homoflexible: A Memoir on Polyamory (Unabridged) Homoflexible: A Memoir on Polyamory (Unabridged)

Homoflexible: A Memoir on Polyamory (Unabridged‪)‬

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Homoflexible opens with me finding my footing at the age of nineteen and takes the listener on an expedition spanning a decade worth of new beginnings, love, loss, and overall triumph. The journey is the destination as I met my husband and moved to Washington, DC where our open relationship evolved and we formed a thruple: three person relationship, with a female. I discover a belonging in the polyamorous community and find a new identity as homoflexible; primarily homosexual but with a limited amount of attraction to the opposite sex or willingness to take part in heterosexual activity. Moving to New York City, the three of us come to find out that some fantasies last forever as we embrace life’s twists and turns.

I show listeners what life is like for a homoflexible male. Over the next four years, I document the ups and downs that come with an open relationship with another male and female simultaneously. Love prevails in this illuminating, spiritually awakened and emotional story as I prove that I have what it takes to open my heart and keep it open even when troubles arise.

I wrote this book because I recognize that I have a unique point of view when it comes to love, relationships and how I define my sexuality. I was lucky enough to find myself in a three way relationship experience that lasted four years. My hopes are that people can see polyamorous love in a new light, as something that is a new normal and with it, ultimate expansion of self. During my triad, a film crew documented our life and the result of this is a video on YouTube that has garnered over four million views. Upon reading the video’s comments I’ve learned that people were sometimes shocked by my unconventional triad and ability to function in such relationship. I recognize their discomfort as an opportunity to show the human race that love wins, to encourage and inspire them to welcome more love into their own lives which is what makes us utmost human.

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