How History Repeats Itself and Why It Matters for Today's Investors How History Repeats Itself and Why It Matters for Today's Investors

How History Repeats Itself and Why It Matters for Today's Investors

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    • $15.99

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Discover the Secret Yet Predictable Patterns of History They Don’t Teach You In School You So You Can Safeguard Your Investments While Positioning Them for Future Returns

Use this historical knowledge to gain an advantage as an investor while avoiding wasting valuable time and effort reading through hundreds of history audiobooks to gain the same insights!

This audiobook will also uncover what the most successful investors throughout history have done in times of uncertainty, chaos, and crisis!

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover:
Deadly investment mistakes made in history that help you avoid making the same ones and feeling like a fool because you didn't know them beforehand;15 tips every investor should follow during a depression so you can position yourself to thrive instead of merely surviving;Common formulas used by the most successful investors in history so you're able to learn from those with proven track records instead of those that simply talk;What we can learn from the richest man who ever lived so you're able to gain insight into his mindset and figure out how he may have chosen to build his wealth today;Lessons from the 1848 gold rush for today’s cryptocurrency investors, which lets you see who's really making money in crypto (it's not whom you think);And much, MUCH more!
And that's not all! This amazing audiobook will also show you who made money during the 1929 Stock Market Crash and how you can follow their example today.

So scroll up and click the “add to cart” button to stop relying on faulty investment forecasts and instead begin to feel like a truly educated investor (with examples of history backing up your decisions)!

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Colin Fluxman
hr min
January 22
Captivating History