How to Analyze People: The Definitive Guide to Analyzing Intelligence and Reading Body Language as Well as Mental Training to Influence Human Behavior with Psychological Control Techniques (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Did you ever wish you could understand what people actually meant? Have you ever thought about finding the secret hidden behind their words? Have you ever wished to analyze people by the way they behave?

Then you’ve found the right book! How to Analyze People tells you exactly how you can look at what hides behind the words of people around you!

If you could understand what people actually meant when they said something, instead of trusting their words, life could be a lot easier for you. Most people have their guards up and don’t want anyone to see what they hide behind the virtual walls they build around themselves. But what if you knew a way to leap over their weak spots and look inside, and maybe even pull them out of hiding?

While most of us depend on words to understand what a person is like and what they actually want, there are many ways to read someone. Without even meeting someone, you can understand what that person is like and what is going on in their mind. This is called “cold reading” someone from a distance. This can enable you to predict their next move and plan your own words and actions accordingly.

How to Analyze People not only teaches you how to read people, but also how to understand them completely. It will not only allow you to enhance your communication well beyond words, but also to know what someone actually likes or doesn’t like, and help you accelerate your career, your relationships, and maybe even to get ahead of your competition.

You will be enabled to hear without talking:

Making and reading the first impressions
Personality type
The art of hitting the right spots at the right time
Reading someone without talking
How to know when someone is lying

In other words, you will develop the “reading people” superpower!

If you want to read people and know what actually lies in their hearts and how their tongue has tried to trick you, then this book is for you.

If you always wanted to know what a client or another person actually wanted and you want to crack deals as easily as you cut a piece of cake, get the book now!

Don’t put it off for another second - this might be your chance to change the things around you forever and learn to analyze people on a much deeper level.

Stop Making Mistakes! Push Your Relationship, Career, and Life Ahead by Understanding and Analyzing the People Around You!

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