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At age 16, Margaret Cho dropped out of school and began touring as a standup comedian. By 23, she was the star of her own sitcom,
All-American Girl, the groundbreaking show featuring television's first Asian American family. But the road to fame wasn't smooth, and when the sitcom crashed and burned, so did Margaret.

Without ever losing her trademark humor, Margaret tells her astonishing tale of dieting her way into the hospital, drinking herself into oblivion, then rising from the ashes in her smash-hit, one-woman show and record-breaking concert film. I'm the One That I Want, based on her show of the same name, is filled with dead-on insights about the experience of being a woman with attitude, of flowing with the highs and lows of life, and of creating one's own identity and acceptance. It is every bit as hilarious, shocking, and irreverent as she is.

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Margaret Cho
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June 12
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Customer Reviews

loripop326 ,

Great book.

I remember Cho from All American Girl. I remember liking her, and seeing her on TV a few times after that. When I was searching audiobooks, hers happened to pop up and I thought I would give it a try. I always though she was pretty darn funny. Well, parts of this book were pretty darn funny as well. But that was something I expected. What I didn't expect were the parts that broke my heart a little. Nor did I really expect the parts that made me cheer for Cho, made me giggle alongside her, or ripped at my heart in remembering feeling as she did when the kids at camp were cruel. I had not expected to find a sister-kin feeling growing as I listened. Cho reading this herself allows you to hear the humor you expect, and the pain as she relives it. And thankfully, beautifully, it also allows you to hear the triumph shine through the entire book. If you're still not quite sure? Buy it anyhow. I did, and I was not sorry.

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