In Jesus' Words, Today: Humanity's Magnificent Future: The New Jesus Chronicles, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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“Dearest friends, I am returned", Jesus tells us, today. "I reach across the dimensions of life to show you the way". Jesus speaks new prophetic words, in reverence of all the great masters of wisdom and teachers of Earth, who have all now returned. This hopeful, inspiring, nondenominational audiobook from the Christ consciousness of ascended master Jesus of Nazareth, in his luminous light, bridges spirituality, metaphysical and religious thought.

In these days long foretold, Jesus shows us humanity’s bright future and the next four millennia. We meet humanity’s new visionaries and innovative thinkers, the wayshowers and peacemakers. He shows us why it is imperative today to heal the earth and oceans and respect the animals. He shows us how we are all in a global spiritual awakening, no longer tolerating cruelty or oppression. And while the world is fighting for the rights of all peoples, he shows us a hopeful future. He also shares his own untold personal stories of his biblical life and the insights he learned then, to help us today.

All the saints and sages of all the ages have now returned - to help humanity, the animals, earth and seas. Jesus is calling every one of us. He is calling every girl and every boy.

Messenger’s writings are most similar to Gina Lake, Neale Donald Walsh, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, David R. Hawkins, James Redfield, and other nondenominational authors guiding listeners with helpful ways to live life spiritually.

Renowned visionary-futurist, Charol Messenger is an Honoree of Marquis Who’s Who in America 2020. Her spirituality books have received 15 awards, including five international, two first place and three second place.

November 2, 1975 at 2:00 a.m., Charol was shaken out of her mundane life. After a harrowing week, turning to prayer for help the night before, she fell into a deep slumber in which she saw angels surrounding her amidst a heavenly glow...

Religion & Spirituality
Derek Newmann, as Jesus
hr min
December 4
Charol Messenger, Messenger Publishing