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Jack Benny's supporting cast - his "gang" - was the heart, soul, and success of his radio program. Mary Livingstone, Don Wilson, Phil Harris, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Dennis Day, Frank Nelson, Mel Blanc, Artie Auerbach, and Ronald and Benita Colman delivered many of the best jokes - and earned biggest laughs - on the show.

Many members of this talented ensemble went on to star in programs of their own - always with Jack's support. This collection includes some of the gang's best work - both on and off of Benny's program.

This 10-hour digitally remastered collection includes episodes of classic comedies (including The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show) and rare treats (including The Private Life of Rochester Van Jones).

EPISODES INCLUDE: Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny: The Cast Doesn't Like Their New Contracts 05-02-48, Don Won't Sign His Contract 01-23-49, Jack is Upset With the Cast 05-08-49, How Jack Met His Cast 05-28-50, My Career as a Hospital Nurse 03-09-52, Jack's Scrapbook 01-16-49, Cast Introduced 05-29-49; Halls of Ivy: The Fighting Med Student 05-24-50; The Private Life of Rochester Van Jones: Girl Friend Problems 05-12-50, The Big Date 05-13-50; The Rochester Show: Willie Johnson's Big Deal 02-18-50, Clooney Watson, Starlet 02-19-50, Cast Auditions for The Rochester Show 02-15-50; Here Comes Mr. Kitzel: Audition 12-27-50; Are You a Genius?: Bugs Bunny AFRS 1940's; The Whistler: Brief Pause for Murder 09-11-49; Jeff Regan, Investigator: There's Nothing Like a Pork Chop When Supper Rolls Around 08-06-50; Are You a Genius?: Porky Pig AFRS 1940's; A Day in the Life of Dennis Day: Keeping the Radio Station on the Air 04-07-48, Neither Rain Nor Snow 01-21-48, Dennis Does a Radio Show 01-28-48; Fitch Bandwagon: Will Benny Renew Phil's Contract 03-09-47; The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show: Hiring Santa Claus 12-19-48, New York Trip 01-29-50

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