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Interested in a healthy body that stays that way?

Want something easy to follow without difficult recipes or exhausting workouts?

Well you’ve come to the right place...but this is not just a quick way to lose weight - only to have it pile back on. Instead it’s a simple lifestyle change that is sustainable and will create a healthy body that stays that way.

Introducing the ultimate juicing and smoothie guide.

When you start juicing your body naturally increases energy and metabolism...which means you stop craving all those things that are bad for you, and the weight starts to come off and stay off, easily. 

Most people think of juicing as something done by back-to-nature types, but this is real, tested solutions to better health. There are no difficult recipes, all are simple and you can prepare them in just a few minutes a day (including clean-up!)

In this audiobook you will find clear and concise information on juicing, smoothies and improving your overall health.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

Fit into your skinny jeans and lose that stubborn belly fat for good
Enhance your juicing experience and never have to force yourself to drink juices or smoothies that gross you out
Discover one of the first recipes used by ancient tribes for strength and vitality 
Increase your stamina and libido by boosting blood flow with this juice recipe
Flush away unwanted, harmful substances and particles from your body 
The top 20 fruits and vegetables for juicing + their key health benefits
Lower your risk of developing mental and emotional conditions, such as migraines, depression, and neurodegenerative diseases.
The top juice recipes for glowing skin
Promote longevity and delay the signs of aging
The easy guide to choosing a juicer and why saving a few extra bucks will leave you regretting it later on.
Enhance the benefits of juices by adding these special ingredients 
The top five green smoothies including my favourite - The Minty Chocolate Green Smoothie :)
My 5 day cleanse that I swear by to renew your mind and body!
And much, much more...

Imagine experiencing boundless energy, vitality and a newly discovered health. Think about how you would feel if you could shake off illnesses for good and step into a brand new body.

And if you're interested to transform your health and your life for good then start listening to this audiobook today.

April Travis
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March 7
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