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Even if you are not the kind of person that loves history, there is a pretty good chance that you will have heard of Julius Caesar, even though he walked on the Earth over 2,000 years ago. Quite simply, he is the most well-known Roman citizen who ever lived and is the one emperor that has stuck in the minds of people for thousands of years due to his actions throughout his reign.

Such was his power, and the desire of others to emulate him, that even his name spawned terms such as czar and kaiser, which have been used by other emperors centuries later to announce that they had absolute power. In other words, Julius Caesar has been held in high regard by almost anybody that wished to follow in his footsteps in some way and the fact that his name has entered into common language is testimony to the skill of the man himself.

Throughout this amazing book, we will explore his early life and show how that shaped his character and then, eventually, his entire career. We will explore the highs and severe lows of his life from being forced into the army to effectively save his life, to being captured by pirates, conquests, revolts, civil war, supreme power, and of course his brutal assassination.

This book does not go on hearsay, but instead it focuses on details from sources of the time. It charts his rise to power, how brutal he could be at times with people that crossed him or stood up against him. It looks at the very reasons that could have ultimately led to his assassination. Was it because he was getting too much power? Was it due to him making constitutional reforms that led to the rich getting poorer? Was it for the greater good of the empire or was it all about personal gain?

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Jennifer Howe
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