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If you are sick of hearing about and wasting time on fads and trendy diets, then the ketogenic diet may be just the break you have needed all along! This diet is all about lowering the number of carbs we intake and replacing them with foods high in healthy fats. As you shift your diet, you will notice drastic changes as your metabolism is dusted off and kicked back into gear! 

The contents of this book include:

What the ketogenic diet is and why it is all the rage among thousands of people
The benefits of utilizing the ketogenic diet in your life
Tips to stay on track as you conquer your diet the keto way
Yummy breakfast recipes that will fuel you the right way for your day
Satisfying lunch recipes that will leave your co-workers jealous
Fulfilling snack recipes to get you through those binge-snacking times of the day
Delectable dinner recipes that you will be excited to share with family and friends
Easy to make soup and salad recipes to pair with other entrees or feel free to consume solo
Tongue-tingling dessert recipes that will not leave you feeling unsatisfied 

Isn’t it about time that you took your life back? Isn’t it about time that you truly treated your body like the temple it has always meant to be? Yes. The ketogenic diet will teach you how to properly balance out your diet so that you are fueling your body the way that it is meant to run. Are you ready to start feeling energized and ready to take on the day? Are you ready to not be a victim of mid-day snacking that leads to that extra fluff around your waist? I know everyone wants a change when it comes to how they look on the outside. But what will it take to motivate you?

Ketogenic Diet for Beginners takes the guessing work out of trying to figure out the secrets of this successful diet from the means of the Google search bar. You will not only learn the depths of a new diet, but you will learn a skill and develop a taste for delicious recipes and edibles that are going to work for you, not against you. It is time to make a change! And it all starts with you, and perhaps the purchase of this book. Good luck!

Suzanne Schwab
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February 6
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