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Lasting Momentum is your handbook to leveling up your life.

Lots of us make plans to make our lives better every day. The hard part is sticking to the plan when we lose our enthusiasm. The constant guilt, negative self-talk, promises made and then broken - all of this is not serving you. By applying the same effort and tools you’ve always used, you’ll keep getting the same result.

It’s okay. Creating lasting change and positive momentum is actually really difficult to do and requires so much more than just trying to force yourself to do it. There are simple concepts and mind-sets that will help you understand how and why creating lasting change takes a different approach.

Lasting Momentum offers a minimum of disruption to your life because the more uncomfortable and difficult the change is, the harder it will be for it to stick.

Does any of these sound familiar?

Feeling unproductive
Seeing your friends advance faster and further than you are
Feeling stuck in your life or that you can’t move forward
Feeling unhappy with your body - weight or physical fitness level
Wanting to get a partner
Wishing to feel in control of your life
Bouncing from self-help program to self-help program with nothing to show for it
Having big goals with no idea how to get there
Being trapped in bad habits
Feeling lost
Wanting to be more organized

We’ve all been there...whether it’s one or all of the above.

Tired of wishy-washy motivational or inspirational books, shows, or speeches that didn’t actually tell you how to make this change happen and for it to stick?They will tell you to envision your dream life but what about all the steps between here and there?

Here's the good news: It is possible to make change. It is possible to achieve your goals. And it’s possible with a minimum of heartburn, tears, or guilt!

Master a few simple mind-sets, then get practical tips in multiple areas:

Motivation vs. willpower
Fixing your finances
Digital declutter challenge - just one hour to a less messy digital life
Ways to format your resume and cover letter
Reasons why you’re applying for the wrong jobs… and WHEN to apply for them!
Steps to eat better for real people
Organization and cleaning up your space without it feeling (as much) like a chore
Reason why lack of sleep is the biggest thing holding you back and how to fix it
Ways to not just prioritizing, but enjoying fitness!
Methods to maintain healthy relationships and setting boundaries with others
Productivity tips
Mental health
And more! 

Here’s a book excerpt showing an example of mind-set: 

“You’ve heard the phrase, “the pen is mightier than the sword” – it means words are powerful. You can harness that power for you, too. Simply change your framing! Use words to your benefit.

Instead of saying, “I should get off the couch and pack lunch for work tomorrow,” or “I have to focus on this class,” try actually saying to yourself “I want to” or “I get to” instead.

It sounds small, but it can be quite powerful. Here’s a quick way to adopt it – instead of “I have to call my grandmother for her birthday even though I find it boring,” think “I want to call my grandmother because it will make her happy.”

Lasting Momentum is full of BS-free and sometimes boring strategies and tips to help you get your shit together and keep it together. I learned how to do this the hard way, so you don’t have to.

Time passes regardless - make sure you are moving in the direction you want!

Angela Arnold
hr min
October 22
Lasting Momentum LLC