Learn Spanish in Your Car: Crash Course for Beginners: Includes: Grammar, Common Phrases, Vocabulary and Word Conversations, Dialogues and Short Stories, Perfect for Travel and Business! (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $25.99

Publisher Description

Do you speak Spanish? Un poquito? Nada? Would you like to learn?

Learn Spanish in Your Car: Crash Course for Beginners is an Innovative Spanish course built to teach students of all levels (from beginners to experienced) in a self-paced and approachable manner that avoids the awkwardness or time constraints of a classroom. 

This course delves deeper than just teaching you how to say a simple greeting or basic nouns. It actually aims to get you engaged and involved in speaking and writing in the language as soon as your first day through audio lessons. In this course, you won't be bogged down by overly complex technical lingo or terminology, nor will you learn things that aren't applicable to most learners, as is often done in a classroom setting. 

So whether you have no prior experience with Spanish, know a decent amount, or are just looking for a refresher, this is an essential course for you, as it's made for those who want to get started on holding conversations in Spanish and feeling comfortable breaking through the barrier of their Spanish knowledge by going beyond rote memorization. 

Whether you want to improve your Spanish skills in one area, know nothing at all, or want to go back to basics, this course covers multiple bases of the Spanish language, such as speaking, reading, writing, listening, and more.

Who this course is for:

This complete Spanish course is meant for people who are brand new to the Spanish language or who learned a little Spanish a long ago and are looking to refresh their skills.
Great for business: doctors, managers, teachers, construction, service workers, and call centers.
If you are falling in love with a Spanish speaker and need to connect at a deeper level, this course is for you!
The course is ideal for folks traveling to foreign countries, including expatriates, military, service missionaries, relocations, and more!
Because this course breaks down complex language concepts so they're easy to understand, many people will buy this course to supplement offline language classes they may be taking.

So if you want to enjoy the perks of learning Spanish, then go and click the "Buy" button, and start to learn Spanish today - not tomorrow!

Sadie Rodriguez, Francisco Sierra, Rios Sanchez, Alicia Flores
hr min
November 24
Sadie Rodriguez