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Life Coach: Turn Your Life Coaching Practice into a Money-Making Machine is the book that your life-coaching practice needs to truly find financial success in today's business environment. There is so much advice for life coaches out there on connecting with their clients and finding themselves, which is a necessary foundation for any life coach. However, what most life coaches lack is the ability to turn all that life-coaching expertise into a truly profitable business.

This book will dive deep into the strategy, tips, and tactics that will help you figure out exactly how to make money off doing what you do best as a qualified and talented life coach. In here you will find tons of great ways to make money, including the following:

How to identify and attract customers who are not only able to pay but happy to pay as well as how to tell when a client is just wasting your time
Multiple different ways you can monetize your life coaching including specific actionable advice on audiobooks, blog posts, webinars, and courses
How to maintain and establish a web presence including how to build and structure a site, and what social media channels are worth pursuing
The premium mindset you will need to find financial success as a life coach in this environment
Why giving away material and knowledge for free actually increases the likelihood you will make big bucks life coaching
One audience you haven't considered selling life coaching services to, but really should

All of the above is included in detail in this book, and more! This book is full of proven step-by-step strategies and tips that will leave you with precise actions you can take to start immediately positioning your life-coaching business as a premium and ultimately profitable one. If you are even considering being a professional life coach, the business and marketing skills and mindsets inside are absolutely fundamental. Start listening now so you can make real money as a life coach tomorrow!

Business & Personal Finance
Michael Hatak
hr min
October 16
K.L. Hammond

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