Living True: 40 Days to Get Back to You

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Is there a part of you that feels lost or pushed to the back corner of your life collecting dust? Maybe you’re overwhelmed by quarantine or unfulfilled in your work—or both. Maybe you’re so busy just keeping your head above water that you don’t even know who you are or how you feel. Maybe you’re just plain tired.

That restlessness to get back to yourself draws out some really important questions:
Who am I outside of my work or caring for my children?Who was I before life got so . . . busy?What do I want for my life?
Believe it or not, God has a lot to say about all of those things. That’s why #1 bestselling author Christy Wright wrote Living True: 40 Days to Get back to You—a 40-day devotional to help women reset and rest in the truth of who they are. If you’re looking for encouragement and direction from a friend after a year like 2020, Christy will remind you of what’s true and constant in a world that feels anything but.

In her devotional, Christy walks you through four sections (10 days on each) that will help you rediscover:
Who God Is—The Truth About GodWho You Are—The Truth About YouWhere You Are—The Truth About Your Season of LifeWhere You’re Going—The Truth About Why Your Future Is So Hopeful
After 40 days, you’ll be grounded in who you are, find grace in your current season, and have the confidence to step into who you were created to be.

Living True is the perfect devotional for:
Super moms who spend countless hours on everyone else and need to invest in themselves and their relationship with GodWomen who feel lost in the craziness of work-life balance, their relationships, or after a painful lossSisters, friends, daughters, book clubs—anyone who needs to get back on track after a crazy year like 2020

Religion & Spirituality
Christy Wright
hr min
November 24
Ramsey Press

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